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about us

Born in Minas Gerais, an only child raised by his seamstress grandmother, designer Fábio Costa has a degree in Fashion Design from FUMEC University. It was watching her sewing that developed her affinity for making clothes. She completed her Bachelor's degree in Fashion Design and then moved to New York, where she continued her studies at FIT and PRAT. There he also participated in the program Project Runway, the most famous North American fashion reality show, where he was runner-up in two editions. Back in Belo Horizonte in 2018, he was invited to join the official line-up of Casa de Criadores, the biggest authorial fashion week in Brazil.


The NotEqual brand emerged in NY in 2013 from a Kickstarter project, where an ergonomics study was developed that resulted in a new measurement system based on the golden ratio, which is the basis of all modeling, combined with the moulage technique. . This way of working, directly affecting the tissue on the body, is one of the differences.

NotEqual is a “slow fashion” atelier, which aims to create fashion without gender and without rules. Each piece presents high quality and attention to detail, innovative modeling and fabric processing and artisanal techniques.

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