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Exploring the Roots: What Is Ancestry?

Since the 14th century, ancestry has been defined as the heritage or lineage from which we come and how this affects our beliefs, practices, creativity, and identity. you may have already read on the internet, or even in one of NotEqual's posts, that ancestry is always present for us. We learned, for example, to sew from our grandmothers. The way this craft was passed down to us and today is a huge part of our identity shows how ancestry is a defining factor.

Ancestry can be biological or cultural. The biological one comes from genetic inheritance, that is, it defines what our physical appearance, health and temperament will be like. Cultural ancestry, on the other hand, shows us what our beliefs, customs, and traditions will be like.

But in practice, why is ancestry so important? When we ask ourselves where we came from, we can better understand not only how we acted in the past as a society, but how the interactions of our ancestors influence our current identity. By understanding where we come from, we are able to strategize how to live better, correct mistakes, heal ourselves physically and mentally. And when you understand all of this, you can see what you want to leave as a legacy for the next generation.

we love clothes, but when we understand our ancestry, we can see that NotEqual's message goes further. This platform will be to share with our community what we want to leave as ancestry for those who come after, and how making clothes involves much more emotions than pins and work than glamour.


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